Last Month's Photos
Last Month Photos
Photos by Murray Kane

Our Next General Meeting is September 19th


6:30 pm. Registration; Pre-meetings for Beginners and Advanced Investors

7:05 pm. Members Offering Deals.

7:15 pm. Announcements from the Board.

7:20 pm  Election of New Officers


7:30 pm:  Our Featured Speaker: Brian Mann


“Crunching the Numbers: How to Plan a Rehab”


·        Analyzing the Deal-listing ALL of the expenses.

·        How much should I pay for a property?

·        What do I offer?

·        How to  make wholesale deals saleable to potential buyers.

·        How to become a successful rehab flipper

·        What are the critical expenses in a real estate deal?

·        Beware of so-called “good deals.”

·        How to make an honest profit.

·        How to get buyers to line up for your deals!


Who is Brian Mann? He has been an active MREIA member since 2005! Brian is a full-time real estate investor since 1979. He was first inducted into “Who’s Who in Creative Real Estate” in 1983. Brian has been involved with countless residential real estate transactions, ranging from single-family to multi-family housing, lease/options, wholesaling, developing, subdividing, rehabbing, joint venturing, construction, consulting, property managing, note buying, mortgage broker, real estate auctions…and much more!



If you have never attended a general membership meeting, you are cordially invited to attend,
ONE TIME ONLY, as a guest of MREIA.
Please be advised that we may request that you show ID.
Should you wish to attend a future meeting, you will be required to pay a $15 Visitor Fee.
We hope that you will learn that our meetings offer solid, practical real estate education.
The annual fee is only $150 and you will then be able to gain access to the Members ONLY area of our website.