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Our Next General Meeting is Monday, November 20, 2017


6:30 pm. Registration; Pre-meetings; Visit the Vendors

7:10 pm. Members Offering Deals and Announcements


7:30 pm† Our Featured Speaker: Michael Mirne, Esq.



       N J Real Estate Tax Appeals: Winning your tax appeal and avoiding 7 common mistakes.

       Who should file a tax appeal?

       What are the steps for filing a tax appeal?

       What is a revaluation or re-assessment?

       What are the strategies for gathering evidence for your tax appeal?

       How should you present your tax appeal, while avoiding seven common mistakes?


About the Speaker: Michael Mirne,Esq. has represented clients in more than 1000 tax appeals, and has been successful in reducing the tax assessments for nearly 80% of his tax appeal clients.† He has appeared for commercial and residential tax appeals before the New Jersey Tax Court, as well as the County Boards of Taxation in fifteen different counties.† Since 2004 he has successfully reduced his clientsí tax assessments by more than $60 million.† In 2008, he became one of a select few attorneys to become certified by the State of New Jersey as a Tax Assessor.

Michael Mirne is a frequent lecturer in the fields of Tax Appeals and Landlord Tenant Law.† From 2014 through 2016, he taught the NJ State Bar Associationís course on Landlord Tenant law.† Currently, †his firm focuses almost exclusively on Tax Appeals and Eviction matters.

If you would like to attend one meeting, A $20 visitor fee will be credited toward your $150 annual membership,
provided that you become a member by the end of the meeting.
Our meetings are designed to offer solid, practical real estate education,
taught by LOCAL experienced speakers and investors!
The annual fee is only $150 and you will then be able to gain access to the Members ONLY area of our website.