August 2017 Inside This Issue

  3 President’s Desk: What’s Wrong with the House? by Dan Schwartz

  4 Insurance: A Claim Guide for Apartment Owners and HOAs by Stacey Scott

 7 Foreclosures: Short Sales and Double Closings: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly-Part 2 by Rob Arnold

 8 Beginners: Know When to Say “NO!” by Kevin Smith

11 Beginners: Seven Biggest Mistakes to Avoid when Investing in Real Estate Today by Phyllis Rockower

12 Commercial: Six Most Costly Mistakes Apartment Investors Make by Craig Haskell

17 Dealmaking: Foster Algier-the “Godfather of Wholesaling”- It’s All about Teamwork by Tom Rumph

19 Dealmaking: Deal of the Month by Marlene Green

20 Contractors: Vendors and Our Liability by Robert Cain

21  Environmental: Getting Rid of Those Tough Odors in Your Property by Sharon Vornholt

23 Financing: Using a Home Equity Line of Credit to Buy Properties by William Bronchick, Esq.

24 Financing: Things You Must Consider When Working With Private Lenders! by Omar Johnson

25 Rehab: Plan Your Work by Kevin Smith

27 Rehab: Quick, Inexpensive Roof Repair by Pete Youngs

28 Options: Real  Estate Options as a Way to Generate Profits by Harry Frieland, Esq.  

30 Taxes: IRS October 15th Deadline: Procrastinator’s Guide by Michael Plaks, E. A.

32 Real Estate Scams: Real Estate Investing Mortgage Fraud Basics by Larry Goins


33 Help! I Have to Evict My Nephew!
by Carolyn Gibson

35 Are You a “Real” Landlord? You Know You are a Landlord, If… (Test-Part 1) by

38 Copying ID-is it Legal? by Harry Heist, Esq.

40 Can a Medical Problem Disqualify an Applicant? by Robert Cain

41 Am I Liable for Injuries Sustained on my Rental Property? by AllBusiness Editors

42 Raise Your Income 10-25% per House and Keep Your Tenants! by Larry Goins

43 Vendors & Sponsors Index and New and Renewing Members

45 MREIA Election of Officers at the September General Meeting

49 MREIA’s Officers and Advisory Board Chairpersons and How to Contact Them