Inside the December 2017 Newsletter

†3 Presidentís Desk: The Year in Review by Dan Schwartz

4 Negotiating: Keys to Negotiating by Jack Miller

5 Legal: Title Red Flag-Tips for a Real Estate Investor by Elizabeth Peterson

6 Environment: Whatís Bugging You? by Kevin Smith

8 Investing: Donít Follow the Crowd: Make Your Own Path by Jack Miller

9 Dealmaking: Tuscawilla Wholesale by Tom Rumph

10 Dealmaking: Tuscawilla Wholesale by Tom Rumph

11 Dealmaking: Trading Time for Equity by Jack Miller

12 Beginners: How to Eliminate Fear When Meeting with a Seller by Jason Hanson

13 Beginners: Real Estate Investing: Things to Consider by Larry Goins

15 Financing: Private Lending: How Breakfast Meetings Can Give You All the Money You Need by Michel Lautensack

16 Financing: Owner Financing: How to Make a Seller Your Blue Ribbon Investor by Greg Pinneo

19 Lease/Options: Lease/Option Tips & Strategies by William Bronchick, Esq.

21 Investing: Basics of Probate Investing by Phyllis Rockower

22 Rehab: Water, Water and MORE Water-How to Protect Your Property by Bruce Davis, Sr.

24 Rehab: Sliding Door Safety and Maintenance by Robert Cain

25 Financing: Big Advantages of Seller Financing in Todayís Real Estate Market by Marc Faulkner

26 Short Sales: Should You Disclose on Short Sale Flips? by William Bronchick, Esq.

27 Taxes: E-Filing Your Taxes and Identity Theft by Richard Anderson, CPA

28 Taxes: The Dreaded "Random Audits" are Back! by Michael Plaks, EA

29 Foreclosures: Legitimate Ways to Stop a Foreclosure by Phyllis Rockower

30 Finding Deals: Seller Problems Create Biggest Paydays by Jay DeCima

31 Financing: Transferring Ownership by Mike Jacka

32 Financing: Five Unique Ways to Find Funding for Your Real Estate Deal by David Lindahl


33 Fair Housing Risk Management by Rosanne Vierra

35 Management Tips from

40 Could You Be Sued for On-Site Dog Bites? By Robert Cain

41 Tenant Screening-Company Policy by Paul Howard

42 Managing the Manager in Commercial Real Estate Investing by David Lindahl