Inside The October Issue

  3 President’sDesk: To Rent or Not to Rent by Dan Schwartz

  4 Investing: Fear Buster #7: Lack of Experience, Skill and a Hand Holder by Jack Miller

  5 Partnerships: Partnerships: the Questions to Answer Before You Join Forces by Gregory Pinneo

  8 Beginners: Eight Ways to Flip a Property by Alex Everest

10 Options: How to Use Real Estate Options to Make Your Fortune by Don Levy

12 Motivation: Why is it that Some New Investors Seem to Succeed Right Away, while others…by Vena Jones-Cox

13 Negotiating: How to Negotiate the Best Deal for Yourself by Thomas Lucier

16 Beginners: Being in Control of Your Investments by Larry Goins

17 Dealmaking: Would You Like to Pay 0% Interest? by Marlene Green  

18 Dealmaking: A Great Florida Deal! by Marlene Green

20 Financing: How to Structure Sale-Leaseback Transactions by William Bronchick, Esq.

22 Investing: Cash Flow Builds Lasting Wealth by Jay DeCima

23 Real Estate Ed: Choosing a Coach and Mentor by Dennis Henson

25 Foreclosures: What is the Real Estate “Shadow Inventory?” by Mike Jacka

26 Negotiating: Real Estate Negotiations-When it All Falls Apart by David Wishnant, Esq.

28 Real Estate Ed: Be All that You Can Be by Jack Miller

29 Rehab: Protect Your Home by Making Minor Mortar Repairs

30 Rehab: FPE Stab-Lok Box and Breaker Information-Part 1 by Jon Bolton

32 Rehab: Refrigerator Maintenance


33 Tenant urgency is Not the Same as My Urgency by Jay DeCima

35 Management Tips from

40 But I Didn’t Know! by Robert Cain

41 Urgent Notice: Dishonored Check (form) by John Nuzzolese

42 Tenants and Repairs