Inside the February 2018 Newsletter

 3 President’s Desk: A MREIA Member Speaks Her Mind!

 4 Beginners: The Death of the Residential Real Estate Investor  by Sean Flanagan

 6 Beginners:A Game Plan for Success Investing in Real Estate by Larry Goins

 7 Dealmaking: Longwood Rehab Flip by Tom Rumph

 8 Dealmaking: East Orlando Subject-To Section 8 Rental Rehab by Tom Rumph

 9 Finding Deals: How to Find Motivated Sellers by William Bronchick, Esq.

11 Financing: Adjustable Rate Mortgages for Real Estate Investors by William Bronchick, Esq.

13 Financing: How to Make Money in Real Estate Using Other People’s Money by David Lindahl

14 Home Inspections: An Inspector Looks at Foreclosed Properties by Kevin Smith

16 Investing: Changing Careers-Keeping the Money by Jay DeCima

17 Lease/Options: Rent to Own Contract: What Lies in a Rent to Own Form? by Allen Cole

19 Investing: Buying Property with Tenants Included: Caveat Emptor! by Bradley S. Dornish, Esq.

20 Negotiating: How to get Sellers to Deed You Their House by Richard Roop

22 Options: Real Estate “Options for Dummies” Recap by Jackie Lange

24 R.E. Agents: The Investor’s Realtor® by Dale Osborn

25 R.E. Education: Questions to Ask a Potential Mentor by Phyllis Rockower

26 Rehab: Choosing and Caring for Wall-To-Wall Carpet by Robert Cain

28 Rehab: Ten Ways to Increase the Property’s Value by David Lindahl

29 Options: Options: The Most Useful Real Estate Investor Tool BY Jackie Lange

30 Taxes: Deducting Disneyland Trip as Business Travel?  by Michael Plaks, E.A.

31 Taxes:  Do I Need to Issue a 1099 to My Handyman? by Richard Anderson, CPA


32 Management Tips from

35 Writing Your Rental Ad by Don Conrad

38 Crime, Your Bottom Line and Peace of Mind by Robert Cain

39 Preventative Snow Removal Tips by Carolyn Gibson

41 The Better Business Bureau Complaint by Geo. F. Davis, Esq.