This is an Upcoming Meeting

The Annual Election will be held at this General Meeting

Qualified Candidates (to date) are:

President:  Dan Schwartz            Vice-President: Dave Corsi

Secretary: Nick Zampetti            Treasurer: Chuck Martini

For information about qualifications, contact Bob Mularz, Elections Chairperson

Phone: 908 964-1896   Email:


Our Next General Meeting is Monday, September 18, 2017


6:30 pm.  Registration; Pre-meetings; Meet the Vendors, Announcements

7:15 pm.  Election of Officers


7:30 pm "Unraveling the Mysteries of Hard Money Loans"


§  Hard Money: what it is and  the Pros and Cons


§  The difference between hard money,private money and  conventional loans


§  What you need to know about getting a Hard Money Loan 


§  Little known secrets to get your deal funded fast!


§  100% funding: myth or reality?


§  How to pay less than 10% for a Hard Money Loan!



Kevin S. Clark started in real estate in 1980 buying and selling notes. He became a hard money lender in 1988 and the rest is history. He is a respected industry leader with more than 25 years of experience, and has originated billions of dollars in non-conforming commercial real estate (Hard-Money) loans. Kevin funds real estate investors in the Tri-State area.


8:00 pm “How to Repair and Improve Your Credit”


§  How to maximize your credit scores.


§  Why do different industries have different FICO scores?


§  How should you deal with:


Identity theft, Identity Fraud, Repossessions, Tax Liens, Bankruptcy, Judgements


§  What laws protect you? How can my program help you?


Micah Curtis is one of the nation’s leading FICO experts She specializes in the mortgage industry, assisting loan originators and their credit challenged clients to become qualified for their purchase at the best rate possible.. Micah is dedicated to the betterment of society… by teaching people to become better consumers through the understanding of credit and by offering a solution on the back end when “life happens.”