This is an Upcoming Meeting

Our Next General Meeting is Monday, October 16, 2017


6:30 pm. Registration; Meet the Vendors

7:05 pm  Members Offering Deals

7:10 pm  General Announcements


7:30 pm. 4th Annual Halloween Panel: Dave Corsi, Brian Mann, Frank Vitale

Finding Scary, Good Deals


§  Good deals can be found anytime of the year!


§  What determines a good deal?


§  Are certain months better for dealing with sellers?


§  How important is timing with a seller?


§  Pros and cons of working with a real estate agent.


§  Why would someone become a motivated seller?


§  Goals…wholesale, flip or hold?


§  How much rehab is necessary?


§  Is the seller willing to carryback one or more notes?


§  Will a seller lease/option the property to me?


§  And much more!