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February 2018 General Meeting: Our 13th Annual Legal Night

January 2018 General Meeting: Our Annual Roundtable Discussions

November 2017 General Meeting: Should Your Real Estate Taxes be Challenged?

October 2017 General Meeting: 5th Annual Halloween Panel-Finding Scary Deals

September 2017 General Meeting: Hard Money Loans and About Credit Reports

August 2017 General Meeting: pure option, a lease/option and a lease/purchase

July 2017 General Meeting: Selecting the Best Real Estate Planning Strategies

June 2017 General Meeting: “C.Y.A. (cover your Assets) When Qualifying New Tenants

May 2017 General Meeting: Isn't it Time that YOU Become Knowledgeable about Land Trusts?

April 2017 General Meeting: INSURANCE NIGHT

March 2017 General Meeting: “Take Advantage of Section 8 Income”

February 2017 General Meeting: 12th Annual Legal Eagle Night

January 2017 General Meeting: Our Annual Roundtable Discussions

December 20016 Holiday Mixer & Networking

November 2016 General Meeting: Fair Housing and NJ Law against Discrimination: What You Must Know if You Rent Property.

October 2016 General Meeting: “Trick or Treat” - The 4th Annual Halloween Panel

September 2016 General Meeting: Brian Man "Crunching the numbers: How to plan a Rehab"

August 2016 General Meeting: Bob Mazzola Modular Homes as an Investment

July 2016 General Meeting: Robert Kiyosaki's Cash Flow Game

June 2016 General Meeting: Brian Mann and Dan Schwartz

May 2016 General Meeting: Alan Cowgill; Private Lending Using Family, Friends and Associates

April 2016 General Meeting: Frieland, Esq. The Nuts and Bolts of Tax Sales and Tax Foreclosures

March 2016 General Meeting: Rehabs and Permits: Dan Howell

February 2016 General Meeting: 11th Annual Legal Eagle Night

January 2016 General Meeting: Our Annual Roundtable Discussions

December 2015 Annual Holiday Party

November 2015 General Meeting: Speaker Derek Reed, Esq.

October 2015 General Meeting: 3rd Annual Halloween Panel

September 2015 General Meeting: National Speaker: Mike Butler

August 2015 General Meeting: Frank Barillari and Nick Zampetti

July 2015 General Meeting: Mark Kapsky, Kevin Clark - YOU Need To Know About Investor Financing!

June 2015 General Meeting: Dave Corsi - Investing in Foreclosures

May 2015 General Meeting: Harry Frieland, Esq.

April 2015 General Meeting: Vena Jones-Cox

March 2015 General Meeting: Steven Loeb, Esq.

February 2015 General Meeting: 10th Annual Legal Eagle Night

January 2015 General Meeting: Our Annual Roundtable Discussions

December 2014 Annual Holiday Party

November 2014 General Meeting: Dave Corsi: Foreclosure Investing

October 2014 General Meeting: Second Annual Halloween Real Estate Horrors

September 2014 General Meeting: Jeffrey Taylor

August 2014 General Meeting

July 2014 General Meeting

June 2014 General Meeting: Jeff Schnepper

May 2014 General Meeting: National Speaker Robyn Thompson

April 2014 General Meeting: RE Panel: Dave Corsi, Murray Kane, Brian Mann, Nick Zampetti

March 2014 General Meeting: Hosted by Harry Frieland, Esq.

February 2014 General Meeting: 9th Annual Legal Eagle night

January 2014 General Meeting Our Annual Roundtable Discussions

December 2013 Annual Holiday Party

November 2013 General Meeting: Dave Corsi: "The Wonderful (and Profitable) World of Real Estate Options"

October 2013 General Meeting about Halloween Horror Nightmares

September 2013 General Meeting Hosted by: National Speaker Dave Lindahl

August 2013 General Meeting Hosted by Dan Howell, Construction Official

July 2013 General Meeting Hosted by Robert Napolitano

June 2013 General Meeting Hosted by National Speaker Andrew Cordle

May 2013 General Meeting Hosted by Harry Frieland, Esq.

April 27, 2013 - Saturday Seminar - Hosted by National Speaker Don Derosa

April 2013 - General Meeting: National Speaker Don DeRosa

March 2013 - General Meeting: 8th Annual Legal Eagle Night

February 2013 General Meeting-Attorney Michael Mirne returned to MREIA to present: Tax Appeals: Should Your Real Estate Taxes Be Challenged?

January 2013 Annual Roundtable Discussions

December 2012 Annual Holiday Party

November 2012 General Meeting/Seminar - Harry Frieland, Esq. - Are Your Assets at Risk?

October 2012 General Meeting/Seminar - National Speaker Alan Cowgill - Private Lending Made Easy

September 2012 General Meeting/Seminar - John Wise, Esq. - Opportunities to Buy Properties in Bankruptcy.

August 2012 General Meeting/Seminar - Derek Reed - Bad Tenants: YOU Put Them In, YOU Get Them Out

July 2012 General Meeting/Seminar - Derek Reed

June 23, 2012 Summary of John Schaub Saturday Seminar

June 2012 General Meeting/Seminar - John Schaub

May 2012 General Meeting/Seminar

April 2012 General Meeting/Seminar

March 2012 General Meeting/Seminar

February 2012 General Meeting/Seminar

January 2012 General Meeting/Seminar

December 2011 Annual Holiday Party

November 2011 General Meeting/Seminar

October 2011 General Meeting/Seminar

September 2011 General Meeting/Seminar

August 2011 General Meeting/Seminar

July 2011 General Meeting/Seminar

June 2011 General Meeting/Seminar

May 2011 General Meeting

April 2011 General Meeting

March 2011 General Meeting

February 2011 General Meeting

January 2011 General Meeting

December 2010 Blizzard Photos

November 2010 General Meeting

October 2010 General Meeting

September 2010 General Meeting

August 2010 General Meeting

July 2010 General Meeting

June 2010 General Meeting

May 2010 General Meeting

April 2010 General Meeting

March 2010 General Meeting

February 2010 General Meeting

January 2010 General Meeting

December 2009 Holiday Party

November 16, 2009 General Meeting

October 2009 General Meeting

September 2009 General Meeting

August 2009 General Meeting

July 2009 General Meeting

June 2009 General Meeting

May 2009 General Meeting

April 2009 General Meeting

March 16, 2009 General Meeting

February 16, 2009 General Meeting

January 19, 2009 General Meeting

November 17, 2008 General Meeting

October 20, 2008 General Meeting

September 15, 2008 General Meeting

August 18, 2008 General Meeting

July 21, 2008 General Meeting

June 16, 2008 General Meeting

May 19, 2008 General Meeting

April 2008 General Meeting

March 2008 General Meeting

February 2008 General Meeting

January, 2008 Meeting: overflow crowd of over 250 people

December 2007 Annual Holiday Party

November 2007 General Meeting

August 2007 General Meeting

June 2007 General Meeting

2007 January General Meeting

2007 Meetings

May 2007 General Meeting

2006 Holiday Party

2005 General Meetings

May, 2004, General Meeting

WNBC & CNBC Interviews MREIA

2002 General Meetings