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Legislative Updates from Dave Corsi
June 2008-Introduction  
July 2008-Circle the Wagons  
August 2008-Legislation at the State and Local Level  
September 2008-Beware of Politicians Bearing Gifts  
November 2008-The Age of the Bailout  
December 2008-The Year in Review  
January 2009-Happy New Year!  
February 2009-Coming to a Legislature Near You  
March 2009-Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining  
    March 2009 - Installment Sale Proposal  
April 2009 - Spring into Action  
May 2009 - We are Getting Congressional Support  
June 2009 - House Bill 1728 - Is Out to Destroy Your Business  
July 2009 - More Information about: House Bill 1728 & Installment Sale Tax Bill  
August 2009 - Installment Sale is Introduced  
December 2009 - Legislative Year in Review  
February 2010 - Good and Bad Proposed Federal Legislation  
April 2010 - Keeping Informed  
June 2010 - Inside the Beltway  
August 2010 - The Tipping Point  
October 2010 - What Made America Great?  
December 2010; 2011 - What Will it Bring?